Pre-election campaing monitoring for local elections 2016

lokalni-izbori-2016-01Center for Election Studies (CIS) has started implementation of the project „Pre-election campaing monitoring for local elections 2016 in Bosnia and Herzegovina“. The aim of the project is detailed analysis of voters’ attitudes and preferences in BiH, as well as media monitoring of presentation of selected political subjects through selected BiH media outlets. Through analyzing the pre-election campaign, CIS will prompt the voters to base their votes not on empty rhetorics but on how much a political subject and/or a political party is actually dealing with the real problems in local communities.  Also, through research studies and through conducting a public opinion poll, CIS will develop a set of public statements on the attitudes of citizens on elections and issues in the society. Additionally, the poll would provide the data that would enable CIS to analyze the similarity of candidate/party priorities and citizens’ priorities. All of the mentioned activities will contribute to preparing a comprehensive final research that will, in the post-election period analyze in detail the pre-election campaign, but also provide recommendations for improving the elections process. The project is implemented by an expert team that worked on media monitoring of pre-election campaing during previous election cycles in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Presentation of the research of the Center for Election Studies on the voters’ attitudes in BiH

Center for Election Studies presented on June 16 2016 in Sarajevo the findings of the public opinion poll on the...


Presenting results of the public opinion poll on BiH voters’ preferences

Center for Election Studies (CIS) will present in Sarajevo on June 16 2016 the results of the public opinion poll on voters' preferences conducted for the purposes of the project „Pre-election...