Research on attitudes and preferences of voters in BiH

A woman picks ballots papers prior casting his vote for the European parliamentary election on June 7, 2009 at a polling station in Strasbourg, eastern France. European leaders fear that voter apathy and protest ballots could boost extremist parties during the European elections held across the 27-nation bloc from June 4 to June 7.strasbourg the 7 June 2009.

Within the project „Pre-election campaing monitoring for local elections 2016 in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ Center for Election Studies (CIS)  will conduct a public opinion poll on BiH voters’ attitudes and preferences. The poll will be conducted in May 2016, aiming to provide a better insight into readiness of BiH voters to vote in case the elections are held tomorrow and who would they give their vote to, what is their opinion on voting ballots, on the possibilty of introducing a mandatory voting, who did they vote for on the last elections and if they did not vote, then why. The poll will be conducted on the basis of face-to-face quantity research in households throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the sample of 1000 persons.

The poll results will be used for preparation of methodology for the upcoming monitoring of pre-election campaign, as well as for gathering the data for research studies and analysis of voters’ preferences in elections’ processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Presentation of the research of the Center for Election Studies on the voters’ attitudes in BiH

Center for Election Studies presented on June 16 2016 in Sarajevo the findings of the public opinion poll on the...


Presenting results of the public opinion poll on BiH voters’ preferences

Center for Election Studies (CIS) will present in Sarajevo on June 16 2016 the results of the public opinion poll on voters' preferences conducted for the purposes of the project „Pre-election...