Presentation of the research of the Center for Election Studies on the voters’ attitudes in BiH

IMG_2767Center for Election Studies presented on June 16 2016 in Sarajevo the findings of the public opinion poll on the attitudes of voters in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The poll was conducted for CIS by the agency Ipsos Sarajevo in the period from May 16 to May 28 2016, by the quantitative face-to-face method on 1010 adult citizens in the households throughout BiH. According to the findings, most of the BiH citizens (76%) say that they voted at the previous elections, held in October 2014. Those who did not vote, point as the main reason that they do not have anyone to vote for and that all political subjects are the same. At the same time, 4 out of 10 questioned citizens say that they would surely vote if the elections were held tomorrow. As the statement showing in the best way whether they are going to vote at the following local elections, they say that they always vote because it is their citizens’ duty (58,5%).

IMG_2759Regarding the introduction of compulsory voting system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, almost 50% consider it necessary, which is, according to CIS, an extremely important information, considering that it has been presented without any previous explanation or advocacy activities, while being one of the topics that CIS will cover in the upcoming period. Furthermore, 42% of the total number of citizens participating in the poll considers voting ballots simple and easy to understand, while 30% of the citizens considers them as not-so-simple, while 28% thinks they are complicated or very complicated. Together with these responses, the citizens participating in the poll also answered who would they vote for if the elections were tomorrow, which is significant for CIS in the context of comparative analysis of the voters’ attitudes with the upcoming pre-elections campaign for the local elections 2016 in BiH.


You can download the entire presentation of the research (in B/C/S) here.

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