About CIS

It is nearly impossible to prioritize among numerous segments of democratization process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By analysing the political landscape in the country, we at the Center for Election Studies have come to a conclusion that the aspect of election does not get the attention and scrutiny warranted by its importance. Therefore, as an organization, we have decided to invest our time, effort, and expertise to improve the quality of the electoral process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We believe that the problem exists both on the demand and the supply side equally. Therefore, in our work we intend to focus on several segments:

  1. Improving transparency of electoral process
    1. By analysing electoral legislation, process, political campaign, and finances.
    2. By creating publicly accessible and modular database of all information related to elections, political parties, and institutions.
    3. Providing citizens with clear and concise information about political parties, candidates, procedures before, during and after electoral campaign.
    4. Conducting regular polls, focus groups, and analyses in the run-up to the elections.
  2. Improving voter turnout at elections
    1. Campaigning for introduction of compulsory voting in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    2. Providing citizens with accurate and reliable information concerning voter turnout, preliminary results of elections, and creating an interactive platform for citizens.
  3. Improving quality of electoral process
    1. Providing technical analysis and expertise.
    2. Tapping into existing hi-tech (IT, IoT) potential in Bosnia and Herzegovina and seeking new and novel solutions.

Our vision is for Bosnia and Herzegovina to have a civil society organization and a think-tank which is a central hub when it comes to providing information and expertise in the domain of elections and democracy.