Darko Brkan

Darko Brkan has an extensive experience in NGO sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a President of the organization UG “Zašto ne”, a Sarajevo-based non-governmental organization that promotes civic activism, government accountability, and the use of digital media in deepening democracy in Bosnia-Herzegovina. His professional interests are mainly in the sphere of new technologies, digital and social media, elections and political processes, civic activism and participation, international relations, etc. He is a member of several NGOs and alumni associations, as well as Draper-Hills Summer fellow from Stanford University in 2013 and a Reagan-Fascell fellow in 2012 at the Forum for International Democratic Studies in Washington, where he researched how new technologies can assist the efforts of civil society organizations. He was an elected member of ACIPS’ Political Council (POLIS). He has a significant experience in election analysis and monitoring projects (Monitoring of pre-election promises in three election cycles (2006-2014), Monitoring of election regularity (2014), Coordinating GOTV campaigns in two election cycles (2010-2014), Coordinating voter education campaigns in smaller communities in BiH (2010), Founding and coordinating an online tool for testing voter preferences (2010-2014), Implementation of a „Clean lists“ project for 2014 general elections with score cards of all candidates for elections, Monitoring local elections in Srebrenica in 2012 and participation in election law and constitutional change processes).